Our Global Alumni Network

The very first time when you get connected with us, you receive a lifetime membership in form of our alumni network, a tight-knit community of classmates spread across the world. This alumni network eventually becomes an essential part of your life, as it helps you find better job opportunities, get connected with prospective employees and career services.

We know that all of our alumnus really care about the reputation of the University and want to help seal it as one of the best in the world always. We welcome you become a mentor or co-op employer for our University students. As an alumni you can also help us enhancing our reputation by sharing your achievements and success stories. We are always looking forward to expand and upgrade our facilities for online students, graduates and alumnus.



Update Your Details

To ensure you can access the full range of alumni benefits, and receive news updates relating to your location, sector and career stage, keep us updated on your contact details and career information.

Make Connections

There are many ways for you to connect with others across the global alumni network, both through our exclusive alumni social media channels, online platform and alumni directory.

Professional Development

Our commitment to supporting you in your career goals does not end at graduation. We promise you to deliver lifelong value and support to you in your career.

Stay Involved & Updated

We have a network of groups and contacts around the world. If you are interested in getting involved you can apply now for any of our program and become part of our University.

Student Alumni Connections

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    Recruiting top prospective students

    Our alumni who hold leading positions at national and international level help us get our graduates recruited by top firms.

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    Helping with career preparation

    We encourage our freshmen to get connected with alumni and take benefit of their industry experience for future career success.

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    Sharing their practical experience

    Alumni members give of their time and knowledge guest lecturers and guides on career treks.