Degree Programs

Online degree programs offered by Ginsberg University are fully accredited and 100% online. You can choose from an array of degree programs including associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate degree. Our online degree programs are designed in a comprehensive way to provide students with most in-demand industry skills and advanced knowledge of their chosen area of study. Our degree programs provide students with the real world experience in a dynamic online learning environment.

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Credit Transfer

Ginsberg University offer credit transfer option for students who have previously earned credit hours at regionally or internationally accredited universities to further reduce their time and cost.

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Why Choose to Study at Ginsberg University?

At Ginsberg University, we have a welcoming environment where education is accessible for everywhere and learning is the ultimate purpose. We grow as a community, were our students learn from the world’s best teachers and our graduates work with leading firms. The stimulating learning environment which we have been able to create lays a strong foundation of our commitment to higher education. At Ginsberg University, believe in diversity to share experiences and conversations from all over the world

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Ginsberg University is regionally and internationally accredited by leading academic ogrnaizations.


A Prestigious

Ginsberg University holds prestigious reputation among leading employers for producing quality graduates.



All programs are developed and organized by renowned faculty members who are experts of their fields.