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We believe that education must be affordable and accessible for every student, as education is the basic right of every individual.

Ginsberg University strives to serve students who are passionate and determined to transform their career with our boundless education. We welcome your application for admissions at Ginsberg University all year round. Students can enroll from anywhere and anytime from across the world. Our student counselors are also available 24/7 to guide you throughout your admission process. We provide you the right academic credential to enrich your career and improve your growth opportunity.

Ginsberg University offers the best academic degree, diploma and certificate program in 16 professional areas of study to choose from. Our experienced and qualified faculty is committed to help students gain most in-demand skills. We not only deliver high quality online education but, also create a bridge to link academic qualification with employability, providing students the best place to receive education and seek employment opportunities.

Online Application Form - Procedure
to Get Enrolled

Admission process at our University is very simple, quick and easy. Students and working professionals from all over the world enroll for various degree programs, as the flexibility of scheduling classes allows them to fulfill their personal and professional commitments.

  • Explore Our University

    Study about our university, faculty, academic quality and career support.

  • Select Your Degree Level

    Decide which degree level you want to pursue and learn about the prerequisites

  • Choose Area of Study

    We offer 17 diverse areas of study with comprehensive curriculum and course work.

  • Start Your Application Online

    Fill online admission application form available online at our website to begib your journey.

  • Apply for Financial Aid

    Seeking financial help from our academic counselors and ensure your finances.

  • Confirm Your Enrollment Status

    You will be informed about your enrollment staus through email & call from the university.


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Graduate Admission

With 100+ majors fields of study at the graduate level, opportunities for academic and research opportunities abound at our University.

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