School of Engineering

Engineering is a field that has been existing from pre-historic times and is still growing. Engineers reshape the world’s future. Engineers build a new and different world each day, changing the world’s horizons. Engineers are constructing bridges, building dams, causing technological advancements and much more. In this modern day world there is an even increased demand for engineers in the market.

Ginsberg University School of Engineering is an advanced engineering department with dozens of different engineering disciplines and hundreds of faculty members. School of engineering has got some of the most qualified and experienced educators that are PhD’s and Masters of their specific field of studies. Ginsberg University School of Engineering is making Ginsberg University proud by producing hundreds of highly qualified engineers that are playing their part in making this world a better place.

Most In-Demand Careers in Computer Science

Petroleum Engineer $57330
Software Engineer $63970
Chemical Engineer $58000
Materials Engineer $52900
Civil Engineer $56930

100 +