Career Services

At Ginsberg University, we have combined people, culture, experts and curriculum to build a cutting-edge talent of professionals like no other. Whether you are looking to enroll at our University or hire recent graduate or top-level executives from a community, our expert career counselors can help you connect with the right academic program and individual for your organization.

You can take advantage of an array of career services including professional development, counseling, employment and writing services.

We encourage you connect with our alumni network, students and faculty through academic organizations. You will grow and learn beyond your online classroom.


Professional Development

With the right industry-based events, career workshops and networking opportunities throughout the year, our career counselors are connected with the latest ongoing of the job market. Our students are constantly given opportunities to develop and grow as professionals. We not only offer you a degree program but opportunities to explore a variety of career options.

Career Counseling

Career preparation, individualized coaching, and personal engagement, mentoring with leading industry professionals are all woven into our online learning platform, beginning the time you arrive and continuing beyond graduation. Our comprehensive approach puts you on the fast track knowledge and skills that lead to rewarding lifelong careers.


Career Opportunities

Before you graduate, you will train you with proven job search skills, individualized coaching, and a career plan tailored to your goals, and powerful alumni and industry connections. A highly engaged alumni network supports your success.

Writing Services

Our expert team provides the best cover letter and CV writing services for students and alumni. Our experts draft your CV and cover letter by gathering the requirements which include academic credentials, skills, experience and information.