Embassy Legalization

Ginsberg University offers legalization services for its students all over the world, ensuring quality and standards. When it comes to the verification of higher education documents, it is important that they are legalized to make use outside the state or any other country in which they were issued. The University offers you complete legalization services to authenticate all your previous academic documents to make proper use of. Embassy legalization of all your academic documents is an assurance that your previous qualification is authentic and verified.

In order to maintain high standards, Ginsberg University offers exclusive embassy legalization services for its international online students in an attempt to promote quality in the education sector. We encourage our students and graduates to verify their documents and make use of legalization services from us. Students simply need to contact our online academic counselors and they are available 24/7.

If the students avails legalization service through Ginsberg University, we make sure that they experience convenience. Our team of experts possess years of experience in the relevant field and make it easy for the students to get their documents legalized. We then send your attested and verified academic documents to you.

Benefits of Embassy Legalization

  • It is an international certificate of credibility that the degree you have acquired meets the international academic standards.
  • A declaration that your academic institution and its offered programs have also been assessed for practicing accepted standards of quality.
  • An official confirmation that the academic institution in which you have studied, delivers education as per the international standards of quality education worldwide.
  • It is a verification that the holder of the degree or certificate is academically sound and showcase expertise in the pertinent field.
  • A pledge that your academic title is accepted by employers and other academic institutions internationally.

Career Outcome


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We don't hand out jobs. We educate and train our students with exceptional learning enviornment and make them career-ready. We provide them with the most appropiate tools, resources and coaching to develop a successful career. We have partnered with industry leading employers that recognize the value of our graduates and offer them employment. From job exploration to career services, our academic counselors are here to assist you.