Transferring Your Credits – Academic Procedure

Whether you have been working for years, served in the military or spent time volunteering, you can gain credit for work experience that you can showcase. Credit transfer option can help you save thousands of dollars and finish your degree program faster. Our academic team evaluates your work and life experiences against the degree program you enroll for and inform you about the credits you can earn based on the assessment.

Course Exemptions

An exemption may be granted for a course(s), rather than credit, if you demonstrate the knowledge, understanding and skills for that course through previous academic credential or professional experience. Course exemptions are usually given to students who transfer credits from another university, and have completed that courses as a prerequisite.

Ginsberg University recognize and accept formal, informal and life experiences when assessing for course credit and exemption.

Documenting Your Experiences

Credit towards completion of degree program can be earned by providing documents for work experience. The University has the right to verify your work experience documents. If you showcase competence learned through work experience, you will be provided with credit hours for respective program or course.


Transfer your
military training

You can earn credits for your military training programs. This is an exclusive option for men and women who serve the nation and can gain credit for hard earned skills, knowledge and service.


Transfer your

Working professionals can apply for relevant experience towards credit. You need to submit your work experience document and a portfolio with information about your employers, in-house trainings and learning experiences.

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